“A day to remember”

Inspiring and empowering teen girls

Karishma from Ashlyns School reviews our March Teen Girls Event

Rocking Ur Teens was certainly a day to remember. Not only was it educational it was also very entertaining and hugely inspirational.

It was a day packed full of activities. From the moment myself and my few fellow classmates walked in it was clear that this was not only an exciting trip, it was also a very popular one too.

We were all welcomed in a unbelievably friendly way by the lovely radio presenter Remel London. She presented the whole event almost like making her the glue that stuck everything together, making us feel as though we are all both important and equal.

Next up was Dance West who got us up and involved in doing a super thrilling dance. It felt incredible to be part of such an enormous group all moving in unison. It was like we were all a pack, all of us having a great time.

Next up we listened to one of the most inspirational speeches I’ve ever heard. Sherah Beckley told us all about her whole life and it was incredible to hear how she got where she is now. Her life journey was so profound and showed you can do anything if you put your mind to it. I mean she spoke in front of over 100 girls.

Before I forget I want to mention the fact on how this whole event was so interactive. An example of this is for even simple things like answering questions the speakers would give us prizes. I loved the concept of this as it felt as though our voices really mattered and really showed that they were just as interested to hear what we had to say as we were to hear from them.

Jillian Simmons , ‘JJ’ was fantastic for she understood so many things about growing up but the one thing I loved about her is the word she taught us. That word is affirmation – she showed us how important it is to believe in yourself.

After JJ we listened to Nick Howe, from NatWest, the very place we were at was actually hosted by Natwest. We were also talked to by a number of people from all different sorts of jobs for instance Visa, this was very inspirational. Not long after we had lunch. It was delicious. Whilst having lunch we were given an activity to complete. The main goal of these activities was to socialize.

After lunch being fueled up we heard Jillian Kowalchuk, she talked to us about artificial intelligence which was so interesting and informative to learn about our possible future. Then the Armed Forces Diversity Team talked to us about leadership, which was great. To end the already awesome school trip and wind down we listened to a wonderful musician called Sherika Sherard.

Overall in general, if you get the opportunity to go to one of these conferences I would grab it as it comes. I will always remember this trip. It has inspired me in so many ways. I just want to thank you Rocking Ur Teens for the wonderful event and all the teachers who made it possible for us to attend. Thank you.

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