Competition: Win Dr Tom Worthen’s latest book


Rocking Ur Teens is delighted to be partnering with Dr. Tom Worthen for a giveaway of his most recent book: I Am Me: Teen Artists and Writers Speak Out on Being Yourself.  

Through art and words, the book shows young people that you don’t have to achieve “perfection” to be “perfect.” 

At a stage in their lives when they want to fit in, the book aims to empower teens to shake off negative influences to realise it is okay to be themselves. 

In today’s society finding your identity can be a challenge. The influence of social media has made growing up today an entirely different experience, with new pressures during such a critical time of development. This book gives the message that it is okay to be yourself and that it’s okay to be in the process of finding yourself. 

Each piece of art is skilfully matched with writing to reflect the attitude of a generation of teens who want to fit in but feel inadequate because of the pressures and influences of society.

We have three copies to give away. For your chance to win simply:

-Like this post.
-Visit @IAmMeTeen on Instagram or Facebook and leave a comment.

The three lucky winners will be drawn out of a hat on Friday 13thDecember. 

What Others have said about I Am Me:

“These teens are the voice of a generation that, if allowed to speak loud enough, might pave the way for change. As a psychotherapist working with adolescents, self-esteem, and eating disorders, and as a parent, I hope this book sells millions, both to benefit individual teens and our society as a whole.” Lisa M. Schab L.C.S.W., Psychotherapist

“This collection of poems and artwork celebrates diversity and inclusion. The poetry is clear, thoughtful, and in some cases truly touching. Students share their personal feelings highlighting race, sex, alienation, and fitting in—all topics familiar to young adults. The extraordinary artwork is represented by a variety of mediums. Both the poetry and art depict a vibrant sense of how teens feel about themselves, their images, and their personalities—a true sense of the diversity and desire for understanding that all of us wish for. VERDICT Teachers in a variety of disciplines could easily use this title as a jumping-off point for a similar project that would encourage students to explore themselves and their relationships with others.” Susan Lissim, School Library Journal

“With the popularity of social media, our young people are now more than ever inundated with a false sense of perfection. As a teacher, I have seen how this affects students self-esteem during a critical time of development. I Am Me by Tom Worthen, Ph.D., is an excellent book for teens because it has art and poems written by teens that addresses being oneself and being ok with who you are. The art is outstanding and the poems are well written. I liked how the book is designed with art on one page and a poem on the adjacent of a similar subject. This allows the reader to have a visual image in mind while reading the poem.” Davina Frazier

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