Demystifying Asset Management for Teen Girls



Our Co-Founder Jenny Garrett is going to speak at Future AS5ET, a free one-day conference for S5 (16-17 year old) girls across Scotland. Taking place in Edinburgh on 22nd September 2017, the conference aims to underline the fact that gender should never be seen as a barrier to progressing in whatever career you choose.

Diversity of thought leads to better decision making everywhere, and there is still not enough diversity in a number of business sectors. The conference will bring together a group of curious and open-minded girls who will be able to take inspiration and confidence from a range of successful and passionate individuals, as well as learn about different elements of business and the financial industry.

Investment has the power to change the world around us for the better, and we want to emphasise to girls that the world is their oyster and anything is possible when you put your mind to it.


What is asset management?

“The active management of assets in order to optimise return on investment” (Oxford Dictionary).

Almost everyone has a stake in some form of asset – be it a bank account, collectibles (jewellery, pictures or a vintage car), stocks and shares, a home, or something else. These may be held directly, or via pension schemes and other ‘collective’ vehicles such as unit trusts. How well your assets are managed can make an enormous difference to your lifestyle.

Why is asset management important?

According to the Scottish Finance Enterprise (SFE), the asset management industry directly employs almost 100,000 people in Scotland and indirectly the same again. The sector generates around £8bn each year for the Scottish economy (5%) and manages over £800bn in funds. The industry includes banking, insurance, life insurance and pensions; asset savings and funds management. The conference will be focusing on the latter but many of the skills applied are inter-changeable.

What type of roles does the financial industry offer/include?

The fund management sector offers a very wide variety of roles. As well as investment research/portfolio management, these include careers in accounting, administration, client relationships/communications/marketing/ sales, compliance/risk management, human resources, IT, law, operations, project management…

Why do we need more women in asset management?

Diversity of thought leads to better decision making everywhere, and there is still not enough diversity in a number of financial sector areas. This applies especially to some of the better remunerated roles found in investment management. We believe much of this relates to misperceptions of what a career in the industry entails: anti-social hours, inflexible working arrangements and gender stereotyped behaviour. However, attitudes to all these have changed beyond recognition in recent years.

I’m a teacher and I’m interested in attending the conference, am I eligible?

We are looking for one enthusiastic, supportive teacher from each school to attend our conference. There is no need for you to be a head teacher, S5 form teacher guidance teacher, but we would expect any teacher to be accompanied by at least one pupil from their school. We very much hope that teachers, and pupils alike, have a keen interest in sharing conference themes with a wider school audience on return. We are arranging a couple of talks specifically aimed at teachers during the conference.

When I’m selecting pupils to attend the conference, what characteristics should I look for?

We are seeking young people who would most benefit from exposure to the wide variety of career paths that exist, not just via formal education. Young people who demonstrate curiosity, an interest in global citizenship and current affairs. Those who demonstrate potential with interpersonal skills, thinking outside the box, resilience, problem solving and inquiry skills are every bit as important to us as those who might be strong in maths or business studies.


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