Don’t judge yourself and don’t judge others, it saps your valuable energy


Natasha Stromberg started her own consultancy company in 2015 working with businesses to achieve gender equal workplaces. Prior to that Natasha held management positions in investment banking and trading, financial regulation and financial market policy. She has worked all over the world with people of all nationalities and achieved her teenage dream of being an international businesswoman.

Here’s her advice she’d give to her 13 year old self.

You will achieve your goals and be the international businesswoman you dream of being. Your fierce independence of spirit will take you where you want to go in life so keep studying and enjoy your education. Learning is a lifelong commitment and curiosity about how the world works will keep you moving forward towards success.

Stay focused on your goals because single-mindedness gets results. You know deep down what you want and who you are, so keep coming back to that. Never limit your vision for your life. Don’t be afraid to be ambitious and voice that ambition out loud.

Be persistent and resistant. If you think you can do something, make it a reality through hard work and perseverance. Your strengths are far greater than you can ever imagine and when they are tested you will grow and flourish as a person.

Educate yourself about money early on. Financial empowerment as a woman will bring you choices and independence; so don’t be afraid of asking for the salary and promotion you deserve, it gets easier every time you ask!

Don’t judge yourself and don’t judge others, it saps your valuable energy. Be secure in your choices and allow others to be secure in their choices. Be PROUD of your amazing achievements and celebrate them. Surround yourself with friends you feel proud of and who feel proud of you.

Don’t refer to yourself as a ‘girl’ at work. Step into womanhood at an early age. Refer to yourself as a young woman and you will be treated like one. Refer to yourself as a ‘girl’ and you will be treated like one. Always see men as equals and treat them as such. Try not to focus too much on your looks – it’s a dead end. Focus instead, on your intelligence, your skills and your work ethic and that’s what you’ll be recognized for.

Don’t hide your voice – if you have an opinion, state it. It is as valid as anyone else’s. Be kind to yourself, be kind to others. Strive to inspire and be inspired and more importantly than anything else – ALWAYS let your true light shine!

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