Girl Power to The Max say awesome Mandeville Sisters


Hello there! Our names are Grace and Amelia Mandeville and together we make up the YouTube channel ‘Mandeville Sisters”. Here we create comedy sketches on our sisterly relationship, talk a lot about what we think is important and attempt to be entertaining for our wonderful viewers. As well as YouTube Grace acts for Television and Amelia is an aspiring author. Through past experiences we’ve learned and are still learning the importance of self confidence, to not only be proud of who you are but to embrace your differences and we encourage diversity whenever and wherever we can. We believe that having goals is key no matter how out of sight they may seem, they are always worth aiming for. We should all try and achieve our dream and do what we want to do, rather than what you feel you should do, nothing is impossible. We are so excited to be speaking at ‘Rocking Ur Teens’ Conference this year and feel so honoured to be asked back again after last years conference. We honestly think it’s such a great event and would have loved to have gone when we were younger, so the fact that we can join in now is amazing- Girl power to the Max!! Find out more about the Rocking Ur Teens conference

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