The Importance of Teen Time


Do you want to help young people? Are there some parts of their behaviour that frustrates or worries you? There is a solution that you can put in place straight awaythat will make a HUGE difference. Friend to Rocking Ur Teens, Julianne Hadden Founder of Jepeca Ltd, shares her wealth of experience from working with hundreds ofyoung people, below. She says that regardless of the issues she comes across, which can range from ‘feeling suicidal’ ‘self harming’ to ‘wanting to be able to put their hand up in class’ or ‘behave better’,there are underlying needs when not met, can make any given situation seem ginormousfor someone with little experience of the world or situations!The more worrying and obvious the behaviour the more the young person isreaching out ‘asking for help’. Of course this behaviour normally has the opposite desired effect and thus a negative cycle may develop that can make relationships strained and difficult, and can lead to questionable decisions and choices!Remember young people generally have limited experience of the world. They are young, and that means when they are exposed to situations they gain experience and knowledge as they live through it, but this also means their lackof knowledge and experience whilst in the experience can lead to unwisedecisions. Adults on the other hand have life experience and know certain truths that evade the young until experience kicks in.Young people want YOU to Spend TIME with them. Shocking isn’t it? Easy you may think. I already do, you may think! Not according to the hundreds we have worked with. When was the last time you spent time where they are the sole focus of your attention? No electronic devices. No other humans or animals involved. We regularly hear that ‘Mum’ or ‘Dad’ spend all their time on phones, gaming, with friends, watching television… the list goes on.So make it happen…1. Make a date.

  • You are important,
  • I want to spend time with you,
  • I enjoy the person you are.

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