Feral Youth

Described as ‘required listening for all young people and politicians’, Feral Youth is a hard-hitting and uplifting story about a 15-year-old girl caught up in the frustrations that led to the 2011 August riots.

Author Polly Courtney takes us deep into the psyche of Alesha and into an underworld most of us prefer to pretend does not exist, introducing us to a colourful cast of street rats, gang leaders, crack heads and a tea-drinking, middle-class piano teacher who unexpectedly reappears in Alesha’s life.

Alesha is ‘compelling, even loveable’ (Independent on Sunday) and ‘in the choices she has to make, raises uncomfortable questions about this abandoned generation of poor, semi-literate, “feral” youth’. As one reader puts it: “The voice of Alesha will stay with me for a very long time.”

Courtney is donating copies of Feral Youth to young people via the teen empowerment conference and other youth programmes including her school and youth group talks. She can be contacted via her website, www.pollycourtney.com.