Plotr are a supporter of Rocking Ur Teens

It can be tough being a young person in the modern world. Careers are incredibly exciting and fast moving – the top five jobs today didn’t even exist ten years ago. But the competition is tough. Even finding out about jobs can seem like an impossible task – never mind knowing if they’re for you and where on earth you’d start.

Schools are meant to provide inspirational careers guidance now, but teachers don’t have the time or the experience. Parents and maths teachers simply don’t know what makes a great “social media strategist”.

Employers have a burning desire to show young people the skills they need to fill the jobs available, but they don’t know where to do it or how.

Plotr exists to opens up a world of opportunity. We’re here to help young people discover careers they may not know exist and to explore the world of work like never before. We are working on re-imagining careers advice and exploration for the digital age.

From video role models to real-life experiences we’re here to inspire young people in a whole new way and guide them to careers and employers they’ll love.