Message for Teens and Parents


Thanks to Grace Bryan who volunteered at the Rocking Ur Teens Girls conference on the 12th March, 2019 for this inspiring article.

The rhetoric pervades us in the modern age, it bombards us and devours us: our teenagers are told; ‘be the best version of yourself’ – Live your best life’! 

But what does it all really mean?

Forget the hype, forget the fad what our teens need is knowledge, skills and the attitude to propel them into the future, to give them a fighting chance to pursue and fulfil their aspirations.

When I refer to knowledge, I am including more than academic knowledge, I am promoting an understanding of the world, how it works, people and personalities in it and the systems that bring it all together. I am advocating knowledge that cannot be taught and tested by exams, but experiences of life through experiences and analysis of them through. Thinking about social issues through debates and discussions, case studies and scenarios – promoting thinking outside of the box, using initiative, being resourceful, looking for solutions and resolutions to life challenges.  Rocking Ur Teens conferences offer young women opportunities to engage with and hear the stories of women who have achieved despite challenges. The narrative of overcoming and perseverance are presented in engaging and understandable ways.

Emanating from this I am promoting the development of life/soft skills such as understanding, diplomacy, acceptance of diversity and differences. public speaking and negotiating skills. Additional skills promoting confidence, public speaking and competence in new and varied arenas e.g horse riding, dance, music, acting etc. At the conference the delegates are encouraged to interact, ask questions, problem solve and be a part of the activities which promote learning.

The most important area of education is …….. the right attitude. Openness to learning and growing, being positive and willing to explore new avenues of growth and personal development.

‘Living your best life’ for young people (for us all) should include; a formal education, the development if life skills and a positive attitude to all that life holds!! 

‘Being the best version of yourself’ is being inspired to grow and constant growth, Rocking Ur Teens facilitates the process.

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