Rocking Ur Teens – Houses of Parliament


On the 4th July, social enterprise, Rocking Ur Teens held a very special event at the Houses of Parliament.

The event celebrated the impact that Rocking Ur Teens has made over the last 3 years:

• Over 1000 students have being inspired at their events.

• 6 sold out conferences have taken place.

• 75% of the students that attended were from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The event was hosted and energised by presenter and survivor of ‘The Island’, Dean Quinton and award winning singer Sharlene-Monique who sung as part of the Kingdom Choir at Harry & Meghan’s Royal Wedding.

Rocking Ur Teens Board member, PR Expert and Author of Purpose, Jessica Huie MBE provided a talk on why society needs initiatives like Rocking Ur Teens, as she shared her passion for being involved.

This was followed by students Gianluca and Kaci from Joan of Arc School who stood up in front of the packed room and shared their experience of attending Rocking Ur Teens events. Gianluca would like to make a difference in others’ lives in a positive way and Kaci has embraced her confidence.

An exercise on helping everyone in the room to embrace their uniqueness was facilitated next, with members of the personally invited audience sharing what makes them remarkable.

NatWest Business Manager Nick Howe, shared how he has collaborated with Rocking Ur Teens over the past 3 years and hopes to continue to do so.

This was followed by an intersectional panel discussing how an initiative like Rocking Ur Teens would have made a difference for them at 13 years old. Business Woman and Barrister, Hannilee Fish, RNIB Board Trustee, Ozzie Clarke Binns, L’myah Ross-Walcott, Policy Adviser for Jeremy Corbyn’s Office & Nayjwa Jawahar, Structural Engineer, shared their audacious stories.

Jevanni Letford (also known as ‘the cheeky DJ’) provided a keynote talk on how he seized the moment and the doors that opened for him as a result.

Last to speak were Rocking Ur Teens founders Sandy Parris, Geoffrey Williams and Jenny Garrett who shared their vision for expanding the geographic reach of the conferences to the North of England and called for partners and collaborators to make this vision a reality.

Star Awards were given to Nick Howe, Dean Quinton and Cherryl Martin for their selfless contribution.

And Sharlene-Monique sang the guests out with a song about recognising how beautiful we all are.

To find out more about Rocking Ur Teens or sponsoring future Rocking Ur Teens events see

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