Poet Ragz-CV will show teen boys that ‘poetry can be therapy’ at International Men’s Day celebration


Ryan J Matthews-Robinson better known as Ragz-CV is a Poet from Brixton, South London. Known for his amazing work raising over £10,000 for ‘Alzheimer’s Society’ charity through his music and events, the Poet now 30 years old runs his own registered charity called ‘Poetic Unity‘.

The non-profit organisation serves to teach young people alternative ways of learning through poetry and also provides safe and friendly environments for young people to perform and unite with their peers. Poetic Unity has done significant work in supporting young people with mental health issues including creating a documentary with BBC & BFI which highlighted these issues and showed how poetry can be used as therapy to help. Although running for just over 3 years ‘Poetic Unity’ has already worked with and helped thousands of young people which Ryan intends to keep expanding throughout the country.

I think conferences like this are important so young boys can see successful young men they can relate to which will help them believe they can achieve the same if not more in the future. I think a lot of us are told myths of what it is ‘to be a man’ when we are young, some of these myths put unnecessary pressure on young boys which I think conferences like this will eradicate and help the young boys realise the power in being a man is being your true self, always. 

Find Ryan at:

Twitter: @RagzCV

Instagram: @RagzCV

Facebook: Ragz CV

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