Remel London accepts Rocking Ur Teens Ambassadorship


We are beside ourselves with glee to announce Remel London as Our Rocking Ur Teens Ambassador, she will also be hosting our Teen Girls Conference taking place on 8th March, 2016 at RBS. Find out more about it at and more abour Remel below.


My name is Remel London, I am a TV/Radio Presenter and host born and raised in London! I am really excited to be an ambassador for Rocking Ur Teens. Growing up and choosing the right path for you can be confusing, scary and may take some time but I believe Rocking Ur Teens is one of the leading organisations in the country that will positively steer our future leaders in the right direction. By working with Rocking Ur Teens I aim to continue to act as a positive role model and inspire young people by showing what hard work and determination can do for your future.

The London List with Remel London.

Welcome to The London List. These are some of my top tips on how to Rock Ur Teens. 

Work Experience is THE BEST EXPERIENCE! 

I first decided that I wanted to be a presenter when I was 15 years old. I’ve always loved performing, being on stage and always dreamed of having a fun job. But the reality is you have to work hard! Now that’s easily said than done but if it’s your dream you will love the challenge. Some of my most enjoyable experiences have been doing work experience at Capital FM, assisting and shadowing presenters at 4 Music and researching and creating my own TV shows! Work experience sounds long and boring but as Nike like to say ‘JUST DO IT’. Give everything a go and you never know it might lead you to your future dream job! 

Remel London

TV/Radio Presenter & Host

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