Review of the Mindfulness Meditation CD for teens


I was invited to listen to The Mindfulness Meditation CD.

The CD is called ‘Nature’s Rainbow’ and is perfect for teens. Being a teenager myself, I know how important it is to relax and have time away from school work.

The CD has 7 tracks all ranging from 4 minutes to 6 minutes long. I believe that this is the perfect amount of time – not too long, but not too short.

Listening to this CD really opens your mind and brings you closer to nature. Each track has a different topic, all based on different colours of the rainbow. The tracks include – Rose, Orange, Sunshine, Grass, Blue Lagoon, Night Sky and Lotus Flower. In particular, my favourite is the blue lagoon as it makes me feel like I am on an exotic holiday, far away from England!

I think that this not only for teenagers. If you are looking for a relaxing meditation CD, you are in the right place. I played the tracks whilst in a room with my family including my mum, my dad and even my two younger brothers aged 4 and 9 and they loved it!

You can listen to a snippet of each track on the CD for free here You can also listen to the whole of the first track called Rose. Want to buy the CD? Click here!

One lucky teen will win a copy of the CD at the Rocking Ur Teens conference on the 14th November!

Natalia Dibble.

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