Rocking Ur Teens – event review

Rocking Ur Teens Boys Conference Nov 2017

“Lay your foundations before you build your skyscraper”. These are some of the many inspirational words that were spoken at the November 2017 Teen Boys Empowerment Conference held at Thomas Reuters, Canary Wharf.

When Kamal Hyman said this I had a reality check, I’ve got to start working hard to build my career and not just hang around and be content to do the bare minimum. I should “Aim a little higher” which is another of his slogans, he explained that whenever you achieve something great, there is always something more you can improve on.

Throughout the day there were many other interesting, moving and motivating stories from people who have had life changing experiences, however they have managed to shape their lives in a positive way. For example Talan Skeels-Piggins who was paralysed from the chest down and is now a Para Olympian skier and motorcyclist. These stories made us realise that we can adapt to all eventualities.

This conference was set up to encourage us as individuals and to think like humans and not sheep. We as boys should not allow ourselves to be stereotyped such as ‘boys should be strong and brave’ .The main idea of the event was to encourage us to try and achieve as much as we can, to persevere even if it fails, as the Japanese proverb goes, 7 times down 8 times up. Which means for all you people who have a dream NEVER GIVE UP. Don’t chase those dreams, catch them!

Gianluca Hill.

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