Rocking Ur Teens Make A Lasting Impact with Teenagers


Four years into our journey, we went back to schools who had attended our events and were delighted to find that the impact of our events lives on.

What they most appreciated about Rocking Ur Teens events

The students like the inspirational stories shared by the speakers, it is a lasting memory of the day for a lot of them. The fact that there is a mix of schools is always appreciated by the students, as well as the trip itself. It’s a welcome change from daily school life and reinforces their confidence.

After the event

After the event schools sustained the learning of the event mostly through whole school assemblies and form time conversations. The lasting and significant impact of attending a Rocking Ur Teens event for staff and students was raising aspirations.

Further tangible impact shared by teachers:

“Students recognise that they must not be held back by anything or anyone. If they have a goal they ought to pursue it relentlessly and harness the support of allies along the way to make it happen.”

At a girls conference the result was that the girls were very excited and using their new found confidence did a follow up project and produced a “positivitree”. It impacted students by increasing their inspiration and confidence.

“They had a recognition of the value of tenacity and resilience.”

“They had limited knowledge of each other but the trip together has created a bond between them and they do look out for each other still.”

“This events gave them insight into the possibilities that are out there. Knowledge of different careers and Confidence in themselves.”

What next?

The schools have requested in school conferences and training resources, so watch this space for future developments.

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