Spoken Word Performer – Sophia Thakur will show teens that ‘Passion and talent don’t seem to live within the arms of age’ on #IWD18


Whether it’s her mysterious charm or enchanting stage presence, Sophia Thakur can hold audience members hearts in the palm of her hand. She has been recognised as one of the most distinct and powerful performers of her generation by BBC, MTV and even YouTube! A truly skilled and delicate performer.

Two Ted Talks, numerous global campaigns for like likes of BET, Samsung and Channel 4, Nike, MTV, and over 300 stages later, she has earned the right to be called Spoken Words Sweetheart by the masses. Her unique style of writing and performing captured the heart of the Royal Family when she was just 16 at the International Arts Festival, and since then she has gone on to influence both the entertainment and humanitarian advocacy fields. She has been recognised as a beacon for free expression, women’s rights and mental health globally.

How has she done so much by 21? Passion and talent don’t seem to live within the arms of age.  Sophia has been touring up and down the country since the tender age of 15, headlining shows and festivals such as Glastonbury. She has continuously surprised large audiences, and moved an online audience to tears daily with her voice and message alone. Thirteen thousand subscribers and over one million views later, her main aim remains the same… to write even more openly, more honestly and more vulnerably.  It might be her Hip-Hop inspired storytelling, gentle rawness, or soft wisdoms. Whatever it may be, you’ll always find one way or another to connect to Sophia Thakur…even when you didn’t intend too.


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