talkhealth partnership Sponsor Rocking ur Teens Girls Conference


We are delighted to announce talkhealth as a sponsor of Rocking Ur Teens, they will speak at our next conference on 8th March, 2017.

Unless you are extremely lucky you will be affected by acne of some form during your teen years.

Acne affects 85% of all teenagers and can affect more than just your skin – it can impact your entire life!

Many of us feel self-conscious in our own skin; teen acne can do much to lower your self-esteem and body confidence. Despite being so common, many of those living with teen acne can often feel isolated, and disengaged with life and not sure where to turn for help.

talkhealth are leading the conversation on this condition and we want to give you the opportunity to be the first to hear about this exciting new initiative.

talkhealth one of the leading online health communities in the UK will provide the ‘go to’ place for teenagers to gain all the support and information they need if they have concerns about their skin.

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