Teen Girls will learn about International Development!


Caroline Staffell is an experienced international development professional with a passion for shifting the balance of power to build equality. She has over nine years of experience in project management and partnership building to achieve positive changes in gender, girls’ education and global health. Caroline will be gracing the Rocking Ur Teens stage and sharing her story on 8th March, 2017 International Women’s Day.

“Teens are our future and their success is critical to the prosperity of us all. Gender stereotypes, peer pressure and a range of expectations can make it challenging for young people to navigate a path to their future. The Rocking Ur Teens conference gives young people the chance to hear from and speak to different professionals, from a range of backgrounds, that have broken the mold. Now more than ever, as technology is swiftly changing the nature of work, it is critical that young people are inspired to aim high and have the confidence to achieve the job they want and shape a positive future. The Rocking Ur Teens Conference offers an essential opportunity for teens to embark on this exploration” said Caroline.

Connect with her @carolinestaff

Schools book your place at our conferences to empower, increase aspirations and aid social change http://rockingurteens.com/#conference

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