The Self Esteem Team talk ‘Body Image’ for boys


We’re delighted that Kay from The Self Esteem Team will be taking Body Image at our conference taking place on the 12th November.

If ever a guy was to light up room – it’s Kay. His passion for understanding human connections and communities means he immerses himself into different cultures to grasp their inner workings, from Ethiopia to Stockholm to the UK. He then uses photography, film and spoken word to communicate his findings. Kay works in prisons; helping inmates to challenge their status quo and find their identity. He’s always a hit with even the coolest of customers and most hard to reach students.

The Self Esteem Team “reckon that anything that helps teens navigate the world they live in with confidence and strength is a great thing. Growing into yourself isn’t easy and we love to provide a little support along the way, so as always, we’re pumped to be joining forces with Rocking Ur Teens.”

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