The Self- Esteem Team to provide session at Teen Empowerment Conference


It’s official, the amazing Self-Esteem Team will be providing a session at our Girls Teen Empowerment Conference taking place on 8th March, 2016, find out more at The Self-Esteem Team are a trio of women who tour the UK’s schools and colleges delivering presentations on mental wellbeing, body image and exam stress. They consist of Cosmo Columnist and TV Pundit Natasha Devon, musician Grace Barrett and ShowBiz Editor Nadia Mendoza. SET’s use their backgrounds in media to tackle the issues affecting today’s teens in a new and engaging way, allowing their students to celebrate their individuality and navigate our culture on their own terms. They each have personal experience of mental illness and their founding principle is that they never patronise. They have won awards from Parliament and from the Mental Health Association and this year founder Natasha was given an MBE in the Queen’s birthday honours. SET’s have always let teenagers lead their agenda. To make their lesson plans, they interviewed hundreds of teens and asked them what would help them be healthier, happier and fulfil their potential. They then consulted with psychologists and experts to produce their classes. Their book ‘The Self-Esteem Team’s Guide to Sex, Drugs WTFs?!!’ with a foreword by Zoella was published this year and contains the twenty questions they are most often asked by teenagers, answered in their trademark honest, funny and solution-led way. SET’s are delighted to be speaking at the Rocking Your Teens conference. Natasha said: “we trust young people to make smart decisions if they’re given the right information and the way we have seen our past students grow and flourish proves that we are right. It’s fantastic that we can come to an event that celebrates being a teenager because we really enjoy working with them every single week”. For more information go to

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    […] The Self Esteem Team. I don’t know how to describe them besides: energetic and motivational. They spoke about how each of them had had issues in their lives and how they overcame them. Each of them had a story that would’ve touched each person in the room… Natasha spoke about breaking unhealthy habits, her recovery from her previous eating disorder and her involvement with the government working on body image in teens, Grace spoke about a need to be ourselves and that no one values us for our looks… But for our personality, and finally Nadia spoke about positive ways for us to express ourselves, as someone who struggled at being able to express herself as a teenager. Personally,I felt inspired at the fact that they wanted all girls to know that they are enough, and that they should value themselves. Their positive work encouraged me to see myself in a better a light and, I’m sure, has encouraged many other girls to do the same thing. […]

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