UK’s Youngest Motivational Speaker To Inspire At Rocking Ur Teens Conference


Kamal Hyman is one of the UK’s youngest motivational speakers on a mission to prepare Britain’s Youth for the real World!

At school Kamal had a coasting attitude; he did just enough to get by until a serious conversation with his parents changed his outlook and his standards.

Kamal has since embraced an attitude of Aiming A Little Higher which lead to his improved grades at school, running his own business and being nominated as Peter Jones’ National Entrepreneur of the Year.

His entraining and dynamic delivery style will have you laughing, learning and leaving ready to Rock Ur Teens!

Kamal is a proud supporter of Rocking Ur Teens because he knows how difficult it can be to stand out in a world that treats you like ‘just another student’. He wants to help to empower teenagers to know themselves, get a clear vision for their future and work their backsides off to make it happen regardless of barriers and environment!



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