“When you are truly passionate, there are no limitations”


Sude Pelit from Southend High School for Girls reviews our March event.

Teen girls empowerment event by Rocking Ur Teens

RockingUrTeens was a wonderful experience that really helped me develop my understanding of life outside of school and most importantly, gender equality. The experience was incredibly enlightening, not only for me, but for over 100 girls from different ethnicities, cultures and backgrounds. We were all inspired to make a change after the conference.

The most memorable part of the conference, for me, was when Jillian Simmons, a radio host; TV host; author and speaker shared her own story of self-discovery and learning to love herself. It allowed me to see that we should grow to love everything about ourselves, even our ‘flaws’. Hearing so many inspiring stories from numerous women, opened up my eyes to the world outside, and how, when you are truly passionate about what you love, there are no limitations. There’s no place too impossibly high.

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