Youth Focused Financial Services Company TwoZeroEighty sponsors teens to attend Girls Empowerment Conference


We are delighted to share that TwoZeroEighty are Teen Star Sponsor for our upcoming Girls Empowerment Conference on March 12th at NatWest Bishopsgate, enabling 10 girls who wouldn’t have been able to attend our conference to do so.

A message from TwoZeroEighty

Did you know that if you were born between 1st September 2002 and 2nd January 2011, you had a Child Trust Fund (CTF) set up by the government? TwoZeroEighty is a new youth focused financial services company that is rejuvenating this scheme.      

We believe in giving young people the knowledge and tools to develop their financial futures. We want to make a difference to all young savers with big dreams, and to society by creating a generation of financially savvy young people who are confident working with money.

We also want to give you a voice. If you have a Child Trust Fund we give you the agency to invest in what you feel strongly about, so you can vote with your money, and understand what your investment is achieving.

Find out more here.

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