Zeineb Cox

Zeineb is currently undertaking her PhD studies at the University of Surrey on social entrepreneurship and social enterprise activity in the UK. Her broad management portfolio comprises extensive experiences in developing new business opportunities with SMEs and multi-national organisations. Prior to starting her PhD studies, Zeineb worked as an MBA Business Development Manager at the Surrey Business School in which she managed MBA recruitment activities within the UK and internationally.

Zeineb has also worked within the banking and charity sector, in which she developed extensive knowledge on fundraising, portfolio management, strategic development, branding, client relationships, and leadership.

Zeineb is the founder of Al Khalil childcare Nursery in North Africa and Happy Kids Holiday Camp in the UK. In her entrepreneurial ventures, Zeineb holds a strong ethos in promoting positive relationships within a caring and inclusive learning environment. She also believes that all children, regardless of their cultural or social background, can achieve and aspire to be the best.

Zeineb received her MA (with commandment) in 20th Century Literature (2007) from Kingston University and her MBA (distinction) from the Surrey Business School (2013), University of Surrey.

She is currently teaching Business Ethics and Statistics at the Surrey Business School. She is also a consultant helping SMEs trading within the Middle East and North Africa develop their digital media content in both Arabic and English.